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Hey to all both people who read this! Alex here.

Well, it took me for-fucking-ever to just put them in the RSS feed, but the two “lost” episodes from the WBGU days. If you are subscribed to the podcast in iTunes or whatever, just open it up and they should download. If not, you can download them right here:

July 9, 2008: Very Good College Radio
July 23, 2008: Very Last Episode

And don’t totally tune out just yet, because we’re finally getting out shit together with Skype and we’ll be recording new chats soon! Me, Emily, Corey and Travis got on last night and chatted about Lost for about an hour, but it is not suitable podcast material at all. But there will be good stuff soon!

Alex here, blogging in on behalf of EB w/AB. The Emily Berens Show with Alex Brunelle is BACK! Well, for a one-off reunion anyway. There will probably be another at Christmas, if not before. BUT ANYWAY. The point is that there is NEW gabbing from your chatty friends in Bowling Green, OH for you to check out. There are a ton of guests on this one: Travis Fishburn, Kitty Devany, Joey Catullo, Emily Rippe and Beth Wayton. We discuss a number of things while hanging out a little bit away from a party. Here are some pictures!

(click to see them bigger)

That’s Kitty (as Dr. Horrible), Emily Rippe (as Hanna Montana Fanna) and Beth Wayton (as her dad, near as I can figure.)

That’s me. I’m the Ghost of VHS. I told people I was the Spectre of Dead Technology because it sounded cooler, but it was also wildly inaccurate.

Travis was Mikhail from Lost! Lookit him rock that! (For the record, Travis can rock just about any costume ever.)

That’s Brent. He was Jack from Lost, which he achieved by putting on a blue shirt and applying fake stubble. Way to go the distance with that costume, Brent…

Look! It’s two of the hosts! Emily was a Red Hat Lady and Corey was Mr. Belvedere.

I intently record Emily saying something very, very interesting. Probably about the Mothman.

Lookit the good time we’re having!

The sound quality on this one is a little rough. It was recorded on my Sandisk Sansa MP3 player. We address this issue in the podcast, amongst others. There’s also a picture from a few years ago that we reference in this one. It is this picture:

Oh, college.

And stay tuned for those two lost episodes, that actually sound good and were on the radio once.

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Hey everyone, Alex here. If you’ve got the EB w/AB podcast feed hooked into your podcast receptacle, then I’m sure you got the Vacations episode long ago. That was the very special episode with our guest Dr. Cynthia Baron, seen here in her natural habitat:

There are still two episodes we did on WBGU that have yet to be posted, and we just recorded a super-special reunion podcast at a Halloween party in Bowling Green. That one will be going up first, followed by the two “lost” episodes. And then maybe more after that! Stay tuned!

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Hey folks (of which I think there are, maybe, three?), Alex here. This past week was a very bittersweet one. I moved out of BG for good on Friday, which included having to say goodbye to doing two very excellent radio shows, this being one of them.

The summer has been pretty hectic for everyone, so our apologies for the delay in postings.  There’s a yet-to-be-posted blog regarding our most delightful show featuring Dr. Cynthia Baron, and two yet-to-be-posted episodes, including our final episode. The second-to-last one will be posted in a couple days, the last episode in a couple weeks.

But fear not! Our show is not finished forever! There is the beast called Skype that may very well enable us to continue doing our craziness. So we’ll see. Stay tuned!

Emily here.

Last night, I was watching a movie being projected on the back of a building, there were lots of people there that I didn’t know, and I was approached by someone who I had been introduced to once, about a year ago, and he said “Hi, do you have a radio show?” Then we discussed the show, and he told me that he really “dug it.”

Does that make me a radio personality, then? I hope so.

This week episode’s blog will be up shortly!

Corey gets a promotion from special guest to co-host. We discuss all sorts of important issues: beards, Lost, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Clueless, justice for a comic book murderer, and Jurassic Park.

For reference:

Special guests: Travis Fishburn, Kitty Devany, and Corey Close

The Teeth Face:

The List of things that Emily needs to work on.

Dogville Shorts:

Dateline: Comic Book Murder


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